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There’s nothing better than a unicorn to make a girl happy, and these unicorn gifts for girls will do just that. Every single one of them is magical in its own way – whether it be a practical gift that she can use every day or a special item geared toward escapism.

This gift guide is full of magical unicorn gifts, perfect for girls of every age. Browse each of these 11 gifts and choose which one is your favorite – maybe you buy more than one!

    This unicorn terrarium kit is a great gift for girls who love unicorns and plants. These two things can be combined in this adorable unicorn container to make a living home for your little girl’s favorite plant!

    The transparent planter consists of a make-your-own light-up unicorn terrarium kit. The DIY mini garden night light project is the ultimate arts and crafts project for girls who love unicorns.

    Girls who enjoy unicorn fashion will definitely love this unicorn sequins dress and headband! It comes in a beautiful array of colors, adding to a vibrant personality. The unicorn-themed embellishments on the top are shiny to give off a magical effect when she moves around.

    This beautiful fancy outfit is the perfect ensemble for Halloween, a spring party, a dress-up day at school or just a regular day playing pretend!

  1. Unicorn purse

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    If your unicorn-loving girl likes to carry a purse, then this unicorn one is perfect for her!

    This cute unicorn comes in a variety of colors and designs. The inside has plenty of space for coins, toys, or any other little things she wants to keep with her on the go! It’s made from high-quality materials that are both safe and durable so it can be used as an everyday accessory without worrying about wear and tear.

    Girls who enjoy light sources shaped as things from their imagination should definitely check out this unicorn lamp! With the luminous unicorn lighting up your daughter’s face at night, coming in a choice of seven different colors.

    The lamp has an adjustable timer and a remote controller to change the modes such as a dimmer, four-flash speed, and changing colors. It’s the perfect 3D vision effect to light up a room.

    A unicorn jewelry box is a lovely gift for any girl. It can be used to store her favorite pieces of unicorn-themed jewelry or other small items that you might not want to get lost in the bottom drawers of a dresser.

    This unicorn jewelry box has a deep tray, offering plenty of room for every accessory she owns!   The spinning unicorn on the top moves to a delicate tune against a backdrop of glitter and stars. This gorgeous box will ensure all her stuff stays safe and organized – just like the real thing!

    This unicorn inflatable unicorn pool float is a great unicorn gift for girls who love swimming!

    It’s made from high-quality, durable materials that won’t easily puncture or tear. The unicorn head and tail are the perfect places to prop her arms up when she wants to relax in the water. It has an adjustable strap so your daughter can make sure it fits perfectly on top of her shoulders before jumping into the deep end!

    If your girl is one of the unicorn lovers who enjoys to listen to music or watch movies, then these unicorn headphones are made for her!

    The unicorn’s ears act as speakers that pump out the high-definition sound without any loss. They’re compatible with any mobile device with a headphone jack, allowing them to be used wirelessly. These super cute unicorn headphones come in a playful pink color, with a quirky unicorn horn on the top.

    This unicorn electric toothbrush is a great unicorn gift for girls who enjoy having fun while keeping their teeth clean!

    The unicorn-themed brush heads come in different colors and designs to match your daughter’s unicorn obsession. This toothbrush comes with an AC power adapter so she can charge it up whenever needed – there won’t be any need to buy batteries every time the old ones die out on her!

    If your unicorn-loving girl likes taking pictures and creating her own unicorn memories, then this unicorn digital camera is perfect for her!

    This cute unicorn comes with a matching strap so she can carry it around wherever she goes. The digital camera kit also comes with an SD card, unicorn bag, and pendent – all in matching pink colors!

    This unicorn bathrobe is a wonderful gift for unicorn lovers who enjoy relaxing in the tub. This cozy and fun unicorn robe has an attached hood with ears, keeping her warm and dry after she gets out of the water!

    The soft plush material makes it comfortable enough to wear all day long – even when you’re not taking a bath! It’s made from 100% premium polyester so there won’t be any irritation against your daughter’s skin.

    This unicorn bedding set is a perfect gift for girls who love unicorns and everything magical. It comes with three pieces: two unicorn pillowcases and a unicorn duvet cover to fit a twin, full, or queen-size bed.

    It’s made from soft microfiber fabric to make it comfortable enough to sleep on every night – whether she loves the unicorn decor in her room but can’t stand how rough regular sheets feel against her skin!   This adorable unicorn bedding set will ensure your little girl gets an amazing rest each night.

    This unicorn plush backpack is a great gift for girls who love unicorns and the color pink! There are so many unicorn toys out there, but this one stands out from all of them because it’s soft to touch.

    It’s made from quality materials so you’ll never have to worry about your daughter getting an irritation against her skin when she carries it around everywhere with her. It has adjustable straps that make carrying the unicorn backpack easy even if your girl is still learning how to carry things on her back.

This unicorn gift guide is filled with magical gifts for girls. Whether they enjoy dressing up in unicorn-themed outfits or are obsessed with taking pictures of their favorite animals – there’s a unicorn gift out there that will bring joy to any girl who loves unicorns!

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