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Star Wars Gifts for Men Star Wars gifts are a perfect way to show your Star Wars fandom. Whether you’re looking for the right Star Wars gift for Father’s Day, Christmas, or just because, these Star Wars gifts are sure to please any Star Wars fan.

The first Star Wars movie was released in 1977 and Star Wars quickly became a cultural phenomenon that is adored by Star Wars fans worldwide. Star Wars gifts are a great way to show your fandom love with Star Wars-themed gifts for men, women and children. Star Wars gifts come in many shapes and sizes including Star Wars clothing, Star Wars toys and Star Wars home decor. You can even buy Star Wars-themed grocery or crafting supplies! Here we have found the Top 10 Coolest Star Wars Gifts For Men. We hope you enjoy these gift ideas for men who love Star Wars!

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    What Star Wars gifts are complete without some Star War toys? This Star Wars Movie Roaring Chewbacca Mask is a Star War gift that Star Wars fans of all ages will enjoy.

    The Star War mask has adjustable straps so it can fit most heads. The best Star Wars gifts are the ones that allow Star War fans to interact with their favorite characters more closely!

    This is by far the funniest gift on this list. You will roar with laugher when you hear the sounds this mask makes.

    Star Wars gifts can even be Star Wars toilet paper! Star War toilet paper is a humorous Star Wars gift idea that Star Wars fans will enjoy. The novelty Star Wars toilet paper comes in three different styles: Darth Vader, Storm Trooper and Yoda.

    These Star Wars characters are featured on the white Star Wars TP and each character has their own unique and appropriate catchphrase – such as “Bad Bathroom” or “How about a nice night light?” – printed underneath the Star Wars character, so everyone knows what brand of Star Wars-themed toilet paper you’re using! This is one of those novelty Star Wars gifts that only a true Star War fan would appreciate.

    Use the force to do your business and have a laugh whilst doing it.

    This Star Wars Darth Vader LED Desk Lamp is Star Wars gifts for Star War fans who prefer to work in the dark. The Star War lamp comes with five different lighting options: Red, Green, Blue, White and Amber. It also features an automatic timer so you never have to worry about turning it off when you fall asleep at your desk!

    This Star Wars Darth Vader Desk Lamp is part of a collection of Star War merchandise available from ThinkGeek which includes Star War home decor such as rugs and pillows. This Star Wars lamp would make a great gift idea for Star Wars fans who are also big music lovers because this Star War lamp also functions as a speaker that can be plugged into your phone or MP3 player.

    This is the perfect gift for a Star Wars fan who also loves to cook. Star Wars cooking utensils come with Star War-themed silicone spatulas and Star Wars-logo heat-resistant potholders.

    The Star War cooking utensil set would go great with the Star War Death Star Waffle Maker mentioned above because you could use it to flip your waffles after they’re done cooking.

    Nerds love Star Wars, and so do chopsticks! These fun gifts are perfect for nerds who have everything. Available in a variety of different colors, these fun gifts will make you the life of the party. They are portable and light, meaning that you can take them with you anywhere that you go!

    Light-up saber chopsticks are the ideal gifts if you’re looking for presents that will excite your friends or children’s birthdays. They also glow in the dark meaning they’ll be a great gift even after the sun has gone down!

    Star Wars fans will drool over this LEGO Star Wars Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing Starfighter. This Star Wars toy is a replica of the Starfighter Luke uses to attack the Death Star during Star War: A New Hope. The Starfighter comes with four mini-figures – two rebel pilots and two imperial pilots – so you can recreate your favorite Star Wars scenes from the movies!

    The X-Wing Starfighter includes weapons such as laser cannons, proton torpedoes, and even an R2-D2 droid! Don’t leave home without it! This is the perfect gift for Star Wars fans who also love to build and play with LEGO Star Wars toys.

    This Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker is a Star Wars gift for Star War fans who love Star Wars merchandise and Star War-themed breakfasts! The Star War waffle maker is nonstick, so it’s easy to clean after use.

    The Star War Death Star Waffle Maker is a seven-inch round removable Belgian waffle maker. This would be an awesome gift idea for Star Wars fans who have kids because the only thing better than making your own homemade waffles on Sunday morning is eating them while watching the original Star War trilogy.

    This Death Star Popcorn Maker is a Star Wars gift for the Star Wars fan who’s also fond of Star Wars merchandise. The Star War popcorn maker pops kernels in just minutes and has a butter melter that doubles as a lid to melt butter or margarine!

    The Star War Death Star Popcorn Maker makes roughly 16 cups of popped corn. Make movie night even more memorable by popping your own fresh Star War popcorn with this brand new Star Wars gift!

    This Star Wars Darth Vader Wall Clock is Star Wars gift for Star War fans who prefer to keep track of time with a big Darth Vader clock. This Star Wars wall clock comes with a vintage Star Wars poster and the Star War Darth Vader Wall Clock really tells time – three, two, one… Blast Off!

    Star Wars gifts don’t have to be Star Wars-themed. Sometimes Star Wars gifts can also be just funny Star Wars gifts for men. This Banksy Pulp Fiction Star Wars Canvas features a parody of Star War characters from the movie Pulp Fiction which is a cult classic among many Star War fans. There are two Star War characters in the illustration: Jules Winnfield (Samuel L Jackson) holding a gun and Vincent Vega (John Travolta) with his hand resting on the shoulder of The Wolf (Harvey Keitel).

    This piece is full of subtle Star War references that Star War fans will appreciate. Star Wars gifts don’t always have to be Star Wars-themed, sometimes Star Wars gifts can be pop-culture parodies like this Banksy Pulp Fiction Star Wars Canvas.

    This Star Wars Arc Star Floating Speaker is a Star Wars gift for Star War fans who remember the most recent weapon of mass destruction in the Star Wars universe. The Star Wars floating speaker floats above a magnetic base.

    The best Star Wars gifts are things that Star Wars fans would never think to buy for themselves, but would love to receive as presents. This Arc Star Floating Speaker is a great example of a cool Star Wars gift idea because it’s not an item you see every day – only true Star Wars fans will understand how awesome this type of speaker really is!

Star Wars gifts for Star War fans are a great way to show your love of the Star War franchise. This list of 10 cool Star Wars gift ideas is perfect if you’re looking for some new Star Wars merchandise that will make any fan happy. Whether they enjoy cooking or watching Star Wars movies, these items would be appropriate gifts for anyone on your shopping list this year!

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