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Gifts for surfers can be hard to find. The surfer in your life may be addicted to the hobby and want more than just the basics. This list is full of gifts that will keep them surfing for days!

Kooks and barrel-riders alike have one thing in common – a love for the sport!

From gifts for cold water surfers to gifts for warmer climates, this guide has everything you need to make any surfer happy when they rip off the wrapping paper.

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  1. World surf map

  2. - $28.71

    Surfers travel the world for great waves, but have you ever seen where those waves are? This surf map is one of the best gifts for surfers who love surfing to show them exactly what they’re missing.

    This unique and interactive map shows not only all of the best spots around the globe but also details each spot’s unique details. Designed in a quirky, cartoonish way, it’s a must-have for any surfer who loves to travel!

    Who knew that a changing mat could make such a big difference for surfers? Some surfers take their wetties off on the gravel or dirt, others on the grass or tar. All of these surfaces can damage the quality of neoprene.

    A wetsuit changing mat offers a convenient way to slip off the wetsuit and wrap it up for the ride home.

    A surf clock is a great gift for any surfer who loves surfing. It’s the perfect way to reminisce about their favorite hobby while getting ready in the morning and it looks fantastic on any wall!

    This clock’s unique design is a gift in itself! Made from wood, the clock is rustic, yet beautiful, and the perfect addition to the wall of any surfer’s home!

    An awesome surfing night light allows surfers to drift off to sleep with a barrelling wave as the last thing on their mind. While night lights are most common with kids, this LED night light is perfect for surfers of all ages.

    The light changes between 16 colors and has a single touch button for remote control. The curved sculpture of the light is the shape of the perfect wave and is a funky green, energy-saving solution to adding a gentle light to a room.

  3. Surfing dry bag

  4. - $14.99

    A dry bag is a must-have for surfers who love to travel. Not only does it keep all of your surfing gear protected, but it’s also an extra-large waterproof backpack that can be used as luggage on flights or road trips. Pick your size from a 5, 10, 20, 30, or 40-liter floating dry backpack (with a waterproof phone case).

    It’s no secret that surfers have a lot of damp and soggy items. Towels, wetsuits, and bathing suits can ruin other items with their salty liquid. That’s why this dry bag is the perfect gift! It allows surfers to safely store their belongings – wet or dry!

    Surfer cufflinks are a fun and creative way to show the love you have for surfing. There’s nothing more satisfying than giving gifts that celebrate your favorite hobbies!

    This pair of surfer cuff links feature a silver surfer on a surfboard. It’s an elegant yet funky design that will be a great conversation starter at the next formal social event.

  5. Surf poncho

  6. - $25.99

    A surf poncho changing robe is a fantastic surfing gift for surfers on the go. It’s lightweight, folds up small, and even has a pocket for your keys or phone. The surf poncho doubles up as a modesty tool as well as a piece of clothing to warm you up and dry you off after spending time in the ocean.

    Designed with surfers in mind, it is built to withstand the elements of any cold water surfing adventure while being totally comfortable. It’ll keep you warm when the ocean breeze picks up!

    Surfers love to watch the waves, so show their inner kid with this lego set. The gifts for surfers who love surfing are not complete without a little sunshine and fun!

    This lego kit is perfect for any surfer-kid or adult because it includes everything they need for an epic day in the sun: a surfer van, a surfboard, and beach camp accessories.

    Sharks are incredible creatures, but they are also present a risk to every surfer that enters the water. Before you take to the waves, it is important to have a way to repel sharks and keep them at bay.

    This Sharkbanz wristband uses magnetic technology that interferes with a shark’s ability to sense electromagnetic fields that they use to search for prey. It also comes in different colors with gifts for surfers who love surfing just as much as their favorite color.

    There’s nothing worse than putting on a cold, dripping wetsuit for the second session of the day. It can be hard to find a good place for wet suits and wetsuit gear when you’re on the road, but not anymore with this foldable hanger!

    The wide vented hanger dries fast and extends the life of your wetsuit. A simple push of the button opens up the hanger to slip straight into the shoulders of the wetsuit.

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These are just a few of the many awesome surfing gifts available for the next occasion. Whether you’re looking for gifts for surfers who love surfing or gifts that’ll help them improve their hobby, this list is sure to provide ample inspiration.

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