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Nurses are some of the most important people in the world. They work long hours and put their lives on the line to take care of patients day after day. It is easy for them to feel like they get very little appreciation, but that isn’t true! To help you find the perfect gift for them, we’ve compiled 10 gifts that will make their day easier (and more fun!) These great gifts will not only show them how much they’re appreciated but also help them in their studies and relieving the stress of exams.

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    These gifts aren’t just quirky and fun, but they’re also very practical! This wooden nose eyeglass holder will help any geek keep their glasses in place. The unusual design is perfect for anyone who has trouble keeping track of their glasses or keeps misplacing them around the house.

    While the wooden, decorative stands are available in several different designs, we especially love this one with bright, red lips. The practical gift is perfect for both men and women – who own a pair of glasses!

    Student nurses often work full time while juggling their studies. So they don’t have a whole lot of extra hours in the day to try and plan everything out.

    This whiteboard calendar is perfect because it will allow them to write down all their plans, exams dates, and hospital shifts. They’ll be able to see everything laid out in front of them and know that they have a plan for what is coming up.

    This keychain is one of the best ways to show your student nurse just how much you care about them! It does not matter if they are in nursing school or have already graduated, this small token will make their day.

    They can attach it to their backpack, purse, or keys. During the day, they’ll be able to take a step back, look at the keychain and remember that you are thinking about them specifically.

    Nurses need to decompress. They spend their days taking care of other people’s needs, seeing them at their best and worst, and dealing with all kinds of situations in between. Sometimes a nurse will have a really bad day or just be really tired.

    That is when it helps the most to find ways for nurses to relax on their own time without feeling guilty about it if they choose that over studying! In order to put themselves first sometimes, you can give your student nurse some scented candles as a way for them to relieve stress through smells alone!

    No matter if their uniform is a dress, scrubs, or something else entirely the badge clip will be perfect to show off your student nurse’s identity. This badge clip can hold a standard ID card while adding a quirky element.

    It can attach to any part of their uniform and add some flair (literally) while also showing everyone who sees it that they are in fact nurses! Whether they choose to use this for work or when walking around town enjoying time away from studying, you can rest assured knowing that your gift was not only useful but helped them look good too.

    Nurses need caffeine. Plain and simple. They’re on their feet all day, running from one patient to the next (and back again), and they use a lot of energy trying to stay focused when it’s almost time for their shift to end.

    Nurses can’t exactly drink coffee at work (especially not in front of patients) or even stop by Starbucks during a quick break, so this personalized stethoscope travel mug is perfect! They’ll be able to enjoy something warm and caffeinated while still feeling like they are using some equipment that matters…even if it doesn’t actually do anything medically relevant!

    Nurses work hard every day. There is so much information that needs to be learned which of course makes studying very difficult without any kind of help! That’s where these nursing school reference cards come in handy by providing them with key medical terms, skills, procedures, drugs, abbreviations, and more on one easy-to-read sheet.

    Imagine being able to quickly glance at a card every time you’re working through your shift instead of having to constantly search online or look through old textbooks! It saves nurses valuable time while also helping them remember what they have read before too!

    Coloring has become a popular way to take time for yourself and relieve stress. It is relaxing, can be done in any quiet place, and doesn’t require much more than just some colored pencils or crayons and a coloring book!

    This nurse-themed adult color book not only features plenty of different pages for your student nurses to enjoy but also includes relatable nursing problems.

    Nurses go through a lot of socks. They are on their feet all day, running from one patient to the next (and back again), and they get sweaty!

    They’ll be able to wear these cute nurse student socks while working or just wearing them around the house when relaxing. Either way, you can rest assured that your gift will not only help your student nurse relax but also keep their feet warm and comfortable!

    Nurses are busy people. They work long hours, spend their days looking after others and need all the time they can get to study for exams or learn new information.

    This gift is both practical and funny. The mugs and wine glasses will help them to start and end their day the perfect way. It’s a small gift that goes a long way in showing your student nurse just how special they are.

    No matter what school they attend, no matter the level of education, every student has to bring a backpack with them. Nursing students are no exception.

    They need to find a backpack that can hold their books, laptop, and any other supplies they might have for the day without weighing them down too much. Plus it has to look good! That’s why this college backpack is perfect. It holds everything in style while also including a small compartment where your student nurse can store their lunch.

Do you know that coloring has a lot of health benefits for adults?

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This gift guide has everything that a student nurse will need to get through their studies and also live life outside of nursing school. It’s a great way to show them how much you care without breaking the bank.

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