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Are you looking for a choice of gifts for Harry Potter fans? Whether they’re a young witch or wizard who grew up with the books, an older Harry Potter fan looking for gifts for their children, or someone who just loves magic in general – there are plenty of gifts out there that can make them feel like they’ve been taken to Hogwarts.

We have put together a list of 20 gifts for Harry Potter fans that they are sure to love!

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    This set of makeup brushes are themed after the Wizarding World. The gift features five pieces which include brushes for basic blending, blush, eyeliner, face powder, and so on! It even comes in a handy pouch to make the wizard brushes easy to carry around.

    It’s an excellent present if you know your friend loves putting on make-up every day or when they’re feeling creative in their free time – because it’ll help them look fab while enjoying applying eyeshadow too. Any fan would be impressed by this gift idea especially considering how useful these gifts could also turn out to be!

    Another gift that’s perfect to give during Christmas or birthdays is this set of wooden spoons! The gifts feature a gorgeous design that features the Hogwarts crest and symbolism – making them great gifts for Harry Potter fans.

    It’s an excellent present because they’ll be able to use these gifts every day thanks to their durable quality and also while still being reminded of their favorite book series too. It’d make a lovely gift idea especially if your friend enjoys cooking and baking in the kitchen (and would surely admire how useful these gifts could turn out to be).

    Another lovely gift idea for Harry Potter fans is this glitter cup with a straw which is themed after Hogwarts. They come with the Hogwarts crest – with a touch of glitter! It’s the perfect cup to use during meal times or even just as gifts that they can store their favorite mementos in too.

    It’s an excellent present because it’ll help them feel like they’re enjoying something from Hogwarts every day – especially if your friend loves decorating their room with fandom-themed items too! This would also make a fun Hogwarts-themed gift to help your friend stay hydrated.

    Mark your territory with these Hogwarts crest wall hooks. They look like the metal emblems that are worn by all students of Hogwarts, perfectly designed to hang sturdily on the wall. The perfect gifts for Harry Potter fans who want to mark their homes with magical items!

    The wonderful thing about this gift is that it can be used in any room – whether they’ve decorated one half of their home as Gryffindor and another half as Slytherin or if they just love the houses equally (like most Harry Potter fans do). A great little addition to any bedroom door too!

    This gift for Harry Potter fans features a magical and stylish throw blanket with the Hogwarts marauder’s map. It’s perfect to use on cold winter days or nights – whether they want to wrap up under it at home, take time out of their busy schedule; or take it along while watching movies and TV shows!

    It’s also a great gift because of its intricate details and gorgeous design. This would be ideal as a birthday gift too especially if you know that your friend has just moved into somewhere new where they can decorate nicely!

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    A gift for Harry Potter fans that makes a perfect stocking filler is this set of vinyl stickers. The gift features the four Hogwarts houses and they’re all in different colors so you can decorate pretty much anything with them – including laptops, notebooks, books, and more!

    It’s also an excellent gift because it’d be suitable to give on birthdays or Christmas too especially if you know your friend will love being able to show their house pride at any time. These gifts are sure to bring some magic into anyone’s life! If you’re looking for a fun way to “Potterfy” the situation – then these vinyl stickers are a great option!

    This gift for Harry Potter fans is a vintage-style diary planner that’s perfect to use as part of their daily routine. It has a cute design and it’ll help them stick to goals, organize notes, create lists – so they can stay on top of things in the new year!

    It’s high quality and a suitable size which is a convenient journey diary with a built-in binder that can help you add plans and a calendar! The gorgeous design creates a mood of nostalgic mystery and a magical mood.

    Another gift idea for Harry Potter fans is this USB that looks like Harry Potter. The USB comes in a 16 GB or 32 GB size and is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac.

    It’s an excellent present if your friend loves being reminded of magical flair while using a practical gift. It could make a lovely Christmas stocking filler but also presents that are ideal during birthdays too. Seeing as we live in a digital age, it’s the perfect gift to be used on a regular basis.

    Any Harry Potter fan is sure to be a whizz at trivia after reading all the books and watching all of the films. With this fantastic gift, they can prove it – in style! The gifts for Harry Potter fans set come with several questions from various categories including The Dark Arts, Hogwarts, Magical Spells and Potions, Magical Objects, Magical People, Animals, and Magical Creatures.

    This game would make an excellent Christmas present or birthday gift for any Harry Potter enthusiasts that love spending time playing games with their friends. It also includes a special Hogwarts-themed storage box so anyone who wants to play will have somewhere to store the pieces when not using them!

    A gift idea for Harry Potter fans is this set of earrings which includes different designs. There are gifts that feature the Harry Potter symbol, snitches, and the Deathly Hallows – and they are the perfect accessory for any outfit.

    It’s an excellent present because it’d be suitable to give at Christmas or birthdays but also when celebrating something like graduation too. It could even make a lovely party favor if you’re hosting some kind of themed event in celebration! The beautiful Harry Potter gifts would look fab worn every day or during special occasions.

    If the wine lover in your life is also a fan of Harry Potter, then they will love these stemless wine glasses! The set comes with four beautiful glasses that are decorated with iconic Harry Potter images.

    Your loved one can enjoy their favorite beverage while watching their favorite movie or reading their favorite book. The Harry Potter stemless wine glasses are the perfect way to show your loved one how much you care.

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    Our guide filled with gifts for Harry Potter fans includes this fantastic mug that looks like the magical map from the Harry Potter series, showing where everyone is in Hogwarts. The perfect gifts for any Harry Potter fan! In true magical style, the map reveals itself when hot liquid is added.

    This gift would be great to use at breakfast time – reminding them of their favorite book while they eat their cereal or drink some tea. It’s a simple but very effective way to get someone thinking about things related to your fandom before starting work or school too!

    This gift for Harry Potter fans is a stylish infinity scarf that features the magical map from one of their favorite books. It’s a fashion accessory that doubles up as a homage to the best magical story to ever exist.

    It’s a great accessory to wear on cold winter days or nights, and any fan will love wearing it knowing they’re representing something so special! It would make an excellent birthday present too especially if you know your friend loves spending time outdoors.

    Staying in touch with the magical world isn’t easy, particularly when one is away at school. With this journal and pen set, however, any Harry Potter fan can be reminded of Hogwarts no matter how far they roam.

    The beautiful notebook has a high-quality cover that will keep it looking good for years to come. There are also Harry Potter stickers, bookmarks, and ballpoint click pens included in the pack. It’s also great as gifts because there are so many different types of notebooks available such as blank pages or lined ones depending on preference!

    Another great gift for Harry Potter fans is this set of four tumblers that come with all of the different Hogwarts house crests on them. Each glass has a cute design which makes it suitable to use every day without putting off your fan!

    It’s also an excellent present as it can be shared between friends who share their love for gifts, making it perfect to give at Christmas or birthdays. It’d make a lovely party cup and would help any wizarding-world fanatic feel like they’re living in the magical realm too! Whether they are Ravenclaw or Gryffindor fans, or Slytherin or Hufflepuff – these tot glasses are a major win.

    Another gift idea for Harry Potter fans is this bookend which features the Hogwarts building. The gifts are great to use to help your friend stay organized especially considering how useful they could also turn out to be while decorating their room too!

    It’s an excellent present if you’re looking for gifts that’ll make functional everyday items – but will still remind them of their favorite series at the same time. These decorative bookends add a touch of magic to any room!

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    Another gift for Harry Potter fans is this LEGO Hogsmeade village set. This gift for Harry Potter fans features a great design with many buildings from the magical world including Honeydukes Sweet Shop and the Three Broomsticks Pub!

    The gift features iconic characters too including Harry Potter, Professor McGonagall, and more, so any fan will delight in being able to play out scenes from their favorite franchise with these pieces. It’d make an excellent Christmas present, bringing a smile to the face of anyone who rips open the wrapping.

    A desk lamp is a great gift for any fan. This golden snitch design will feel like it’s actually flying! The USB-powered desk lamp is perfect for any Harry Potter fan that loves the game of Quidditch, with the golden snitch hanging perfectly in the plastic bell jar.

    Light the night with this gorgeous desk lamp and add the perfect magical piece of merchandise to your home. It’s a fun gift for all nerdy individuals that want to be transported to a fantastical world.

    This gift for Harry Potter fans is an awesome drinking bottle that’s styled to motivate the person to drink the right amount of water each day and stay hydrated. It has a cute design and comes with a carry strap so it can be carried around easily while out exploring!

    It’ll keep drinks cool for longer than normal too which makes this the perfect gift for Harry Potter fans who are also always on the go – whether they take their water bottles along when hiking or biking! The leak-proof bottle is the perfect hydration tool.

    If you’re looking for gifts that are practical then these socks are the perfect option! They come with different designs featuring characters like Hermione, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Draco Malfoy, and Luna Lovegood.

    It’s an excellent gift idea because it’ll help your friend stay warm at any time – whether they want to wear them during their favorite activities or when lounging around in pajamas. Any Harry Potter fan would love this present especially if they also enjoy wearing socks for everyday use too! It’d make a lovely Christmas stocking filler but could be given as gifts throughout other special occasions too.

    This gift for Harry Potter fans is a great necklace that shows off their love of the series. It features the alohomora charm, which can be used to unlock and lock doors easily in the wizarding world.

    It’s the perfect gift for Harry Potter fans who are also big on wearing accessories every day – and is the perfect accessory for unlocking the magic within yourself. This would make an excellent Christmas present too because there are so many ways to style it up!

    Fandom soy candles (set of 4). These lovely smelling gifts are perfect for any geek! Each candle is in a different fandom and has its own scent, such as Harry Potter or Sherlock Holmes. There’s even Princess Peach and Lord of the Rings.

    These candles are all-natural soy wax candles in themed apothecary jars. Each of the candles is inspired by favorite fandoms and adds a bit of fun to the room. The candles are made from sustainable and renewable resources, allowing you to burn them guilt-free!

There are so many gifts to pick from this year, and it’s the perfect time of year because there is a range for every budget too. Whether you’re looking for stocking fillers or gifts that can be worn daily then these gifts will suit any Harry Potter fan (thank you to the talented JK Rowling!

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