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The best gifts for cyclists are those that improve their skills and make cycling more fun. For mountain bikers and road cyclists, these gifts will help them have a blast in the outdoors! We’ve created this gift guide with 10 great items every cyclist would love to get for Christmas, their birthday or as a surprise.

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    These wireless headphones wirelessly connect with their Bluetooth earbuds so you can listen to your favorite music or podcasts while running on the road without having a tangled cord hanging around in front of you.

    Listening to a groovy playlist on headphones while running can really elevate the experience. Maybe even make them run faster!

    Cycling gifts don’t get any better than these. These shorts are made from durable, breathable material that helps keep cyclists cool and dry while they ride, plus the chamois is cushioned to make cycling more comfortable.

    It doesn’t matter whether your cyclist enjoys mountain biking or road riding – this gift will be a huge help! Cycling shorts are also essential to reduce chaff – and you can never have enough cycling apparel!

    We all know that cyclists need to wake up early if they want to make the most of the open roads. This cycling gift is a great buy for any cyclist who enjoys a cuppa joe before hitting the tar, making their morning ride more enjoyable.

    The mug has a quirky phrase printed on the front, reminding the cyclist in your life about their favorite pastime. It also helps visitors know exactly what they would rather be doing instead of hosting a tea party!

  1. Cycling socks

  2. - $24.95

    These are great cycling gifts for cyclists who enjoy a long ride. These socks have extra padding in the heel and toe to help prevent blisters, plus they’re made from moisture-wicking material that keeps feet dry and comfortable.

    The more comfortable the socks, the more comfortable the ride! You can choose between a funky pair of cycling socks that showcase personality or a neutral pair that can match any – and every – cycling outfit.

    The best cycling gifts are often the most unexpected! This coin purse is made of bicycle tubes, so cyclists can enjoy their favorite material in a new way.

    The perfect pocket for cash, this gift will make it easier than ever to commute on two wheels without fear of being pickpocketed. It’s a perfect gift for vegan cyclists who prioritize sustainability.

    This cycling gift is perfect for the cyclist who always has a need. The multi-tool includes tools like a screwdriver, bottle opener, ruler, hex key wrench, and more so cyclists can fix any issue that arises while they’re out on the road or at home.

    The best part? It’s shaped like an adorable bicycle! This bike toolkit would make a great stocking stuffer or gift for the cyclist who’s always on the go.

  3. Bike repair kit

  4. - $13.99

    The cycling gifts on this list are perfect for the cyclist who has everything. This kit includes all of the tools one might need to fix a flat tire, adjust gears, or make any other adjustments – and it’s compact enough that cyclists can take it with them everywhere they go!

    No matter where your ride takes you, this bike repair kit will come in handy. The pocket-size tool boasts an impressive selection of tools for every mountain biker and road rider.

    A bike phone mount is a winning gift idea! The mount attaches to the handlebars and includes a phone holder that rotates for easy use – perfect for cycling without needing to take your eyes off the road!

    It’s also compatible with most smartphones, so it will fit securely in place while making sure cyclists have plenty of storage space as they cycle. It’s also adjustable in size to fit a variety of devices. Say goodbye to getting lost on the trail and hello to seamless navigation.

    This is one of the best cycling gifts for cyclists who love to entertain. No matter how extensive their wine collection is, every cyclist can appreciate a new way to store and serve wine!

    The stopper makes it easy for cyclists to share with friends – or just enjoy at home by themselves. Plus, this gift doubles as an award-winning conversation starter!

    It doesn’t matter what designs cyclists are drawn to – they’re sure to find something that speaks to them in this cycling gift. This wall art includes a bold black-and-white print to add a beautiful mood to a room.

    The home decoration gift is a metal wall hanging and can brighten up a room. It also gives something for cyclists to look forward to when the workday is done! Fresh air anyone?

    This gift is perfect for the cyclist who loves to cook. They can slice pizza in a fraction of the time with this bicycle-shaped cutter! Cyclists need to carbo-load, and pizza is the perfect solution.

    Every cyclist should have this bicycle pizza cutter in their kitchen. This way, cyclists can enjoy their sport without being on the road.

    This cycling gift is perfect for cyclists who love to stay on top of their maintenance. We all know how important it is to keep our bikes clean, so this kit provides them with everything they need – including a selection of different brushes to reach every crevice!

    Every mountain biker or road rider could benefit from these supplies that make bike-washing easy and quick. With a clean bicycle, cyclists can hit the road feeling proud of their wheels.

There are several awesome cycling apps to take on the road that can be used on this phone mount.

These are just a few great cyclist gifts to share on the next occasion. We have also put together a selection of awesome gifts for outdoorsmen that enjoy being in nature while pushing their fitness limits.

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