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There’s nothing quite like a brother to make you laugh, cry, and share in their triumphs. Every day is a new adventure with your brother by your side. Whether they’re sharing secrets or giving you grief, they are always there for you no matter what! We all know that it can be hard to find the perfect gift for our siblings but we’ve been working hard to compile 10 of the best gifts for brother that they would love.

If your brother is sick or injured, check out our guide of get-well gifts for men here!

  1. Wood cuff links

  2. - $17.99

    These 40th birthday ideas are not only stylish, but they’re also practical! They’re made from high-quality materials so you know the 40-year-old will be getting a truly unique birthday gift. Plus, because these 40th birthday presents are gift-packed with elegant and charming boxes, making them a great option for a special occasion.

    With this present for him, he’ll always have something to talk about at work or in his social circle! You can’t go wrong with this gift idea as it’s both original and useful. And don’t worry if your budget doesn’t extend to the high-priced cufflinks; these cufflinks are of excellent quality within a nifty price range.

    Every man needs a great wet shaving kit, and this is the perfect one for any dad. There’s nothing like a fresh shave, and so why not show your father how much you care by gifting him this set.

    The quality of all these products will make your father feel like he has his own personal barbershop right at home! This is a gift for your father that won’t break the bank but will give him everything he needs to look great every single day.

    Stylish and functional, this men’s wrist watch is a great choice for occasions when your boyfriend needs to look his best. This gold-tone Tommy Hilfiger watch looks professional yet stylish at the same time, making it perfect for any occasion!

    It’s got a classic design that will never go out of style. Plus you’ll be getting him something he can wear all year round so it won’t collect dust in a drawer somewhere!

    If your dad loves to play games then this gift will be perfect for him. We all know that the men in our lives spend too much time on the toilet but what do they do in there to stop themselves from getting bored? This toilet time golf game is the ultimate way for him to practice his short game – even when he’s on the can!

    This fun and hilarious gift includes a miniature putting green, flag, and balls that all fit perfectly into any standard-sized bathroom (so no need to go out of your way to find room). It’s an amazing gift that will keep your father laughing whenever he uses it.

    It’s no secret that the men in our lives spend a lot of their time on the toilet, which is why this book would be the perfect gift for your boyfriend. The book is filled with hundreds of weird and unusual stories that he’ll be dying to read- plus it’s the perfect way for him to pass the time.

    This is the perfect gift for your boyfriend if he likes reading in his spare time. The book contains interesting stories, fun facts and plenty of weird yet fascinating trivia about life that will make him laugh out loud!

    If you’re looking for gifts that are a little more fun and quirky, then this is a perfect choice! This Thanos Infinity gauntlet bottle opener allows any geek to open their favorite drink with ease. Whether you want to use it at a party, a BBQ or camping – this bottle opener has you covered!

    This gift has been designed as an exact replica of the Infinity Gauntlet from the comics and movies – although it’s actually made from resin! The glove will make opening your drinks feel like magic as well as add some superhero swagger to every party or gathering. The cool design is the perfect size for any kitchen, and it looks good as well!

    If your boyfriend loves beer and traveling then this is the perfect gift for him. These maps are designed with a pattern of state outlines to help you easily collect all those bottle caps from different places.

    This is one of our favorite gifts because it’s so unique! Your boyfriend will love adding his new caps to the map on whatever wall he decides to hang it on in his apartment or house. Plus who doesn’t love going out and trying new beers? This way they can keep track of just how many beers they’ve tried!

    These gifts are perfect for anyone who is fascinated by space! This space jigsaw puzzle allows any geek to turn the night sky into a work of art. The 1000-piece set comes with an awe-inspiring vision of some of the most interesting stars, planets, and constellations in our solar system.

    This gift not only helps your friends learn more about astronomy but also adds a new dimension to their home too – making it feel like they’re exploring outer space every time they glance up! It’s sure to make their day brighter whenever they decide to take this challenge on.

    This gift is fab for any geek who loves building and creating! This robot building kit allows anyone with enough patience to bring their model into the real world. The detailed design is a great project for science engineering kids.

    The entire model is plastic, which makes it a safe choice no matter what age they are; and looks great on the bookshelf too. Whether you’re looking for gifts geeks who love decorating their homes – this is a great idea!

    These one-of-a-kind magic voodoo bots give an opportunity to build new skills and expand creativity.

    A retro video game poster is the perfect way to show your love for old-school gaming. It features a stylish and colorful design with illustrations of classic video game controllers. The poster is printed on high-quality paper and is the perfect addition to any gamer’s room.

    The poster measures 12″x16″ and is the ideal size for framing. It would make a great gift for any gamer who loves classic games and old-school controllers. The nostalgic poster with quality game artwork is ideal for young and old gamers alike!

    Do you know a gamer who is tired of being up all night playing games? Is the person in your life sick and tired of never seeing sunlight? Well, we have just the thing! This Retro Super Mario Brothers lamp is perfect for any video game lover’s room.

    This awesome light features an illustration of Mario from the old-school console games with his signature red hat and blue overalls. Even the switch adopts the retro arcade look, adding to the scene.

    Does your brother like fishing and an ice-cold beer equally? Then this is the glass for him! It not only combines his two favorite things but will remind him of his favorite sibling.

    Your brother will love this glass for its practicality and uniqueness! He’ll be able to enjoy his favorite drink in style while being reminded of how much you care about him every time he uses it.

    40th birthday gifts for brothers and men don’t always have to be expensive or practical – sometimes it’s the little things that make a big impression! This 40th birthday present is both funny and useful.

    The toilet paper looks like a normal, run-of-the-mill TP until you pull off a sheet. Then it has an added surprise. Want your 40-year-old brother or dad to laugh? Try this 40th birthday gift idea for him!

    The Playstation alarm clock is the perfect gift for any gamer. The black console alarm clock will have you waking up and craving a game!

    The collectible item is a classic look, in the distinctive shape of a Playstation controller with iconic button symbols. This gift is perfect for gamers of all ages and will make waking up in the morning that much more fun!

    Milestone birthday gifts are traditionally seen as more serious, but there are still plenty of ways to celebrate this birthday in style. If you’re looking for an affordable 40th birthday present that’s also practical and personalized, then a pocket watch might be just what you’re looking for!

    A personalized 40-year-old men’s watch will suit any occasion and comes in a really nice gift box. The 40-year-old brother, father, or uncle in your life will love this thoughtful gift idea! It really doesn’t matter if they already have one because every man needs to feel like he has his own timepiece!

  3. Pacman necktie

  4. - $36.88

    Looking for the perfect gift for your favorite gamer?

    Pacman is one of the most iconic video games in history, and it’s still popular today. If you’re looking to give a unique gift that will be sure to please, consider this Pacman tie!

    The tie features an illustration of the classic game on its front side with a black background. It also has a black ribbon at the back so it can easily be tied around any neck size. This is the perfect way to show off your love of gaming while dressing up for work or school!

    If you have a gamer in your life who loves games, then we have a perfect gift for them! It is a neon gamer console sign that is perfect for a bedroom. This neon sign has a sleek design and can be hung on the wall or mounted on the back of any dresser or cabinet! The sign features some of the most popular consoles from over the years including NES, SNES, Gameboy, Gamecube, and Playstation 4.

    Low energy is required for this nifty sign and it is the perfect decoration for a young boy’s room, a teen’s hideout, or an adult gamer’s office.

    This stylish pen is the perfect gift for any dad who’s always on the go. This multitool features a built-in screwdriver, level, ruler and more so he can easily carry around all of his essentials without needing to worry about finding the right tool for every job!

    It may be small but it has tons of uses that will help him get anything done quickly and effortlessly – no matter where life takes you both next! For those dads out there who appreciate gadgets or just want something unique, we have lots of great gifts available.

    If your boyfriend is an avid gamer then this mobile gaming controller is the perfect gift for him. It’s compatible with most games and works great on iPhones!

    This will give his phone a whole new level of capabilities, including being able to play games anywhere he goes. There are so many fun features you’ll be able to enjoy together once he opens up this present which makes it one of our favorites as well!

    This stylish wallet is the perfect gift for dads who like to keep things simple. The minimalist design makes it easy for him to store all of his essentials without taking up too much space and also features a unique cut-out design that allows you to easily pull out your ID or credit card with just one quick swipe.

    Not only is it easy to use but it’s an amazing way for dads everywhere to carry around their cards in style.

    These stylish pants are the perfect gift for your boyfriend. They’re soft and comfortable, but also very stylish. He’ll love wearing these to lounge around the house on his day off or run around doing errands.

    This is one of our favorite gifts for boyfriends because it’s practical yet stylish at the same time. These sweats will be sure to keep him cozy all winter long without looking too frumpy in public.

    Did you know that the clothes you wear can affect your mood?

    This stylish winter jacket is the perfect gift for any dad who likes to get outdoors during cold weather. Even if he doesn’t ski or snowboard, it will keep him warm whenever he’s out on an adventure.

    Not only does this look great but it’s made out of premium materials that make it incredibly durable and long-lasting – no matter what, this shirt jacket will always be ready to wear when your father needs an extra layer between himself and the elements.

    This gift is perfect for any geek who loves to explore the unknown! This Mars dust globe allows anyone to admire a miniaturized version of our neighboring planet in their very own home. The detailed design makes it feel like you’re standing in another world with sand dunes and rocky mountains all around you.

    With any luck, one-day humans will be able to create colonies on the surface – just like they do in science fiction books and movies. Until then, these fun-loving, desk ornaments will have to do the trick!

    This is the perfect gift for any dad who loves to travel around and see all of his favorite sports teams. Not only would this be a great addition to his office but it could be something that you do together. This poster also comes with pushpins so he can mark off each trip that you take together!

    It’s an amazing way for him to show how much baseball means to him while helping you both remember every single moment from these incredible trips – no matter what, we’re sure this poster will remind him just how important spending time together truly is.

    We love this funny, personalized, insulated coffee cup!

    This 40-year-old man will love using his new 40th birthday gift every day – whether he’s at work or at home. The stainless steel container is well insulated and keeps drinks hot without burning hands from the heat.

    If the man in your life enjoys Star Wars, then we have a lot more gift ideas for you. Check them out here!

    A desk lamp is a great gift for any fan. This golden snitch design will feel like it’s actually flying! The USB-powered desk lamp is perfect for any Harry Potter fan that loves the game of Quidditch, with the golden snitch hanging perfectly in the plastic bell jar.

    Light the night with this gorgeous desk lamp and add the perfect magical piece of merchandise to your home. It’s a fun gift for all nerdy individuals that want to be transported to a fantastical world.

    Some gamers want a bedding set that is just as fun and exciting as they are. One of these gifts would be the gaming bedding set. The queen-size linen is 100% microfiber, but the design brings them to life with game-specific symbols on each piece. This is a perfect gift for gamers who love to sleep in style!

    The bedding is lightweight and breathable and available in a range of sizes, introducing a retro, videogame theme into the room.

    This gamer’s pocket pillow is the perfect gift for any person who loves to spend time playing video games! It features two front pockets that can be used as storage for a controller and remote control.

    There’s also room for cables or headphones along with other accessories like mobile phones and USB charging adapters so they’re easy to access while gaming on their consoles.

    As an added bonus, the decorative pillow comes with an epic pair of black and white socks for gamers. This is a great gift combo for nerds – check out more quirky gifts for nerds here!

    One way to create a stylish gamer decor sign is to use the design of a street sign saying “Gamer Way”. If the gamer in your life has a private den and place to play, then this is the perfect addition to the door, letting everyone know about the fun that happens within.

    Made from high-quality aluminum material, the sign comes with built-in holes for a neat and clean look. It’s the perfect touch to any room, and a fantastic gift for the gamer in your life – regardless of their age!

    Most guys like fast cars, but that doesn’t mean that they should be the ones driving fast! The roads get more and more dangerous each day, so why not be the one to remind your brother to drive safely in a way that will make him laugh?

    It may seem like he thinks that he’s invincible, so give him something that reminds him of how much you care! This keychain is the perfect reminder and if he ever sees it sitting on his car keys, at least there’ll be some humor in it.

    Often when they’re in public, brothers are kind and well mannered. But when they’re out of the public eye, you get to see all of their other qualities. This funny brother nutrition facts shirt is a great way of showing everyone what you have to put up with every day and all of the things that they don’t get to see.

    This shirt is a warning to anyone who gets too close to them but will also show your brother that you love them no matter what! They’ll think of you whenever they wear it and have a chuckle when they put it on.

    Brothers and sisters have an unbreakable bond, but they often like to act as if they don’t care about one another. This “I love my sister” coffee mug is the perfect way to tease your brother and show everything that no matter how much you annoy him, that he loves you!

    A good laugh is always worth its weight in gold. If you’re looking for a way to brighten up your brother’s day, this mug will have him chuckling all morning!

    This fishing-themed coffee mug is the perfect gift for any dad who loves to enjoy a nice cup of joe while fishing. Even if he doesn’t use it for his early morning fishing trips, it will always remind him of those relaxing days

    Not only does it look stylish but it also keeps his favorite beverage hot which means this will quickly become his new go-to cup!

    These unique gifts are perfect for any geek who loves the sea! The lamps emit a soft glow that will light up your room and create a calming atmosphere. They’re also great night lights or just to add some color to your desk or bedside table.

    These gifts have been created with an internal LED lighting system that glows along with different colors, allowing you to choose to set the mood. The AC power source fuels the spellbinding lighting feature, with realistic jellyfish ornaments inside.

    This gift is perfect for any geek who loves drinking beer! This Dungeon Master beer mug allows anyone to show their love of video games. It’s great fun no matter the occasion, with enough room inside to hold a whole pint of your favorite drink.

    The detailed design involves a barrel. It also has enough space for one person’s favorite tipple which makes these gifts one every geek would be excited to unwrap at any time of the year – keeping them hydrated the next time that they play their favorite game.

    If the person in your life prefers Fortnite, then check out our Fortnite gift guide.

    If the geek in your life loves to enjoy their favorite drinks, then this gift is perfect for them! This fun and quirky book has all of the answers they’ll need on how to make their drink perfectly resemble a wildly successful science experiment.

    This gift shows you step-by-step instructions on how to create different themed cocktails that are guaranteed to impress everyone at any party! The recipes included within will give anyone bartending skills worthy enough of winning bar awards.

    Every brother is a unique individual and they have their own tastes. So, give them something that represents who they are with this custom whiskey decanter set. Each one can be engraved with the name of your choice to make it feel like you’re giving him more than just a gift but an extension of yourself!

    As he sips from his personalized glassware, he’ll think about how much time and effort went into picking out such thoughtful gifts for him.

    This is the perfect gift for dads who love to stay in touch with their family and friends. Not only does this look stylish but it’s also a great way of making sure that he never misses another important phone call or text while staying warm at the same time!

    It looks great, feels comfortable and is super easy to use – all you have to do is pair your device with his hat so they can both connect wirelessly which means everything from calls, texts and music will keep him entertained wherever he goes.

    If you’re looking for something a little more traditional but still want to add your own personal touch, then these blue-colored gift labels are perfect. They come in packs of 200 and they can be used on all types of gifts for different occasions.

    The best part is that there’s no limit when it comes to what kind of present you could attach this label too because they have a more subtle design. With lots of room for writing, you can be sure to let your loved ones know just how much you appreciate them without running out of space.

    If you can’t decide on a gift for your brother, why not get him something that he’ll be able to enjoy? With this countertop pizza maker, he’ll never have to order takeout again!

    Your brother might think that it’s too much work but with the easy-to-follow instructions and quick cook times he won’t know what hit him. He will love making his own pizzas at home and will thank you every time he eats one!

    This beard grooming kit is perfect for men who love the hair that grows out of their faces and are constantly looking for new ways to take care of it. It includes everything your husband needs to make his face fuzz look amazing!

    It’s something that he can use every day and will really appreciate while looking in the mirror admiring how great it looks on him. This gift will not only leave his facial hair feeling great but it will give him all of the tools that he needs to maintain it.

    Is your brother a gadget lover? The only problem with that is that he probably has tons of wires lying around. trying to find the right cord for each gadget can be frustrating but it doesn’t have to be!

    Your brother may be a little rough around the edges but that doesn’t mean he can’t have nice things too! This wireless charger is perfect for any gadget-lover and will make him love his gadgets even more.

    This is the perfect gift for dads who love to figure things out. This wooden puzzle set includes six different puzzles that are all made from high-quality wood and keep him entertained for hours.

    Not only does this keep his mind sharp but it also allows him to relax at home after spending time with you during the day. It’s an amazing way of showing your father how much he means to you by giving him something that will both challenge and entertain him!

    Birthday gift ideas for men should be practical, funny, or both – like this hilarious pint glass. The 39 + one middle finger beer glass may seem like a joke but it’s actually very useful; this drinking vessel has space to hold a pint of his favorite beverage while also telling him that he’s now an adult (and not taking any crap)!

    The glass itself is made from high-quality materials and dishwasher safe too which means you can enjoy using it every day without worrying about breaking it! The humorous gift is sure to bring a smile (or even a chuckle) each time it is used.

    Believe it or not, men actually enjoy being clean! So, if your boyfriend loves growing out his facial hair but hates how difficult it can be to keep clean, this is the perfect gift for him.

    This 2-in-1 beard and face wash is gentle on his skin, yet effective at cleaning up all that pesky dirt before he goes to bed. He’ll never have to worry about dry skin or having a bad shave ever again!

    We all know that men aren’t very good at aiming, especially in the dark! If your brother is no exception to this rule, make his bathroom trips a little bit easier with this toilet night light.

    This gift will not only have him in stitches but is one that he’ll love using. This toilet night light has 16 different colors to choose from, making every bathroom experience interesting and fun.

    This watch case is perfect for any boyfriend who loves watches. It’s got 12 slots so he can easily organize all his favorite time pieces, and the drawer comes with a built-in valet tray which makes it feel like you’ve given him an entire jewelry box!

    Not only will this gift help your boyfriend keep track of his many watches but he’ll be able to see them side by side when deciding which one to wear. This case will also make sure that they’re never damaged or scratched when they’re not being worn.

    If you’re looking for a sentimental gift then this is the perfect one! Your brother is very likely to keep it by his bedside so he can look at it when he wakes up and before he goes to sleep every day. They say pictures are worth more than words but with this beautiful frame, both become priceless.

    Your brother is one of the most important people in your life and this frame will show him just how much you care. With a photo that shows his place in your heart, he’ll also look at it and think of your special bond.

    If your brother is a prankster, he’ll love this hilarious party game. It’s an icebreaker for any party and will make him the center of attention! This party game is a hilarious way to get everyone involved and it’s perfect for any brother who loves making people laugh.

    This game is for those who like to lighten the mood and have a good time! Whether he’s throwing parties or not, your brother will love this fun party game.

    Give someone an extra special gift this year by wrapping it in the Ass Hat Donkey Funny: Wrapping paper! Its unique design will have your loved ones laughing before they even see what you’ve bought them.

    It also sends the perfect message about being yourself and not caring what others think of you. Not only will they love their gift inside, but the design will definitely put a smile on anyone’s face no matter how weird or crazy the gift!

Did you know that homemade pizzas are healthier than take-out?

If your brother loves food, check out our guide of food gifts for men here!

If you’re looking for something to get your brother, there’s no better time than this very special day. No matter what kind of person he is or how close you are, we’ve got the perfect gifts! We all know that brothers aren’t easy but they also make life a little more interesting and fun.

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